Ok, so I’m simplifying. I am back on this blog because i figured out how to get another password. Hooray!


Life is so interesting. And I think relationships are at the core of this life. When you think about it, that’s what God is all about. The whole Old Testament tells about him trying to get Israel to realize connection with him was really the BEST. And Jesus came so we could have relationship.

Well, among all of these cool human relationships, there is a little variation. Ok, ALOT of variation. And it comes in the form of romance. God has put all different kinds of love on this planet. But the one I’m thinking about right now is the kind of love a g irl gets for a guy, or a guy has for a g irl. This is something God created, and that God loves. We just got through with this series on in youth group, and now, it’s def. on my mind.

It’s annoying that regarding relationships, sometimes, you just have to learn through trial and error. Like, my one serious boyfried. I really cared for him, but he wasn’t the right guy. Does that mean i wish we wouldn’t have dated? Well, yes and no. I’m glad we dated, I learned SO much through it. I just wish we hadn’t dated so long. But, why did it take mistakes for me to learn the lessons I’d heard from others all my life? Now, I see why in high school d ating can be such a bad idea. I’m not totally against it, but I think you shouldn’t put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on things until you are both pretty darn sure that you’re going to get married. And that’s just something i didn’t think about in high school. Things get serious, people get hurt, you have memories and baggage that you carry into your next relationship. I personally think it is a good idea to hang out with alot of different people, even date more than one person, before you decide to get married. But, hey, some can just date one man all their life and then decide to marry him, and it works out beautifully.

So, I’m not exactly wanting a boyfriend right now, just thinking about this amazing phenomenon. Cause it really is amazing to me. Ever since we were little, ok, well, ever since I was little, I have thought about getting married. Now, I’ve decided, I’d be ok if God had other plans. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t still daydream about it. Romance is so beautiful. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Today is my birthday. Wow. I remember being 11 years old and thinking to myself, “I’ll have it all figured out when I’m sixteen.” I’m one year from 20, and so much less grown up than I thought I would be. I used to look at people that were 19 and regard them as being so old. Well, I feel like a baby in some ways. I kind of wish I was turning 20. Whenever I say that to an older person they instantly respond, “Don’t wish your youth away!” Haha. OK OK. I won’t.

I just wonder when you reach the point when you want people to think you’re younger than you really are. It is still a compliment to me when people think I’m 21 or 22. Maybe it happens when you’re 30. All of the sudden, when someone says, “Oh you seem so much older,” it becomes an insult. Haha. I don’t know. I wonder when I’ll act grown up. I mean, I still squeal and jump up and down when I’m excited. My mom doesn’t do that. No a dult I know does that. Interesting.

For awhile there, I went through a stage, though, of not wanting to grow up. Actually that was this year. The thought of becoming an a dult was so frightening. But, now I’m really liking the idea. I’m moving out of my house to Canyonview in June. Another step towards independence. I would have to say I am definitely enjoying life more now than I ever have. But it’s in a different way. I don’t enjoy spying on the boys and playing grown ups so much. Maybe because I AM kind of grown up. Isn’t it interesting that all our lives we imagine what it will be like to be an a dult, and imagine what we’re going to do. And now it’s here.

Well, that was my insightful nostalgic post on getting older. And YES I feel very different. 19 sounds loads more mature than 18. Love you guys. Later.

Ok, so I don’t know if this is going to be a very fun post for you all to read, but I really need to preach at everyone a little bit. So, if you’re not in the mood for a kinda boring but really important lecture, just skip this one.

I’m so mad about American food. It makes me sick, literally and…non-literally. I don’t think people realize how bad it is. I mean, we all make jokes about it, “Haha, well, I’ve blown my diet, might as well go for that fourth piece of cake.” But, honestly, it’s not so funny. Yes, I do indulge in junk food at times, but I’m trying to wean myself off of it completely. And I have to tell you, I feel so much better. I’ll give you a lil 411 on the dangers of the American diet.

Ok, so, the main thing that is so bad for us is the refining process we use for our foods. Refined sugar (white sugar and brown sugar) is awful, and the root of many degenerative diseases. We wonder why we get so sick and have so many babies with learning disabilities. The diet is a major reason. Listen…I heard about a baby that was unable to walk, talk, or even crawl well, and he was way old. Maybe almost 2. Then, some health experts took him from his family for a while and gave him vitamins and healthy food. He started behaving normally. No lie. His parents fed him sugar all the time. Sugar can be just as lethal as  h eroine or coke. You may not see the results right away, but our whole generation WILL see it soon enough.

You can make fun of me all you want and say I’m taking this too seriously. But this is something I’m getting more and more passionate about. Nutrition. I honestly have so much more energy without the sugar, and with eating the whole grains. There are good substitutes. Like honey, and even raw sugar cane. Dark chocolate is still ok. I know you can’t avoid junk food all the time, but if you have the choice. Please. Please. Aviod it. Geez. I’m trying to get this through to my father. Love you guys, Christen Ariel Pagett

Movies are such a huge part of my life. Haha. It’s funny, but honestly, I think my dad gets divine revelation from watching Lord of the Rings and Spiderman. I have so many memories connected to movies. Like waiting in line for midnight showings, going to the new Star Wars episodes on my birthday, allnighters at church with videos on the projector screen. I’m a big Sandra Bullock fan. i LOOVE miss congeniality and while you were sleeping. Brilliant stuff.
Ok, so my family’s philosophy with movies is that all truth is God’s truth; we need to take the fish and spit out the bones. If you’ve ever been in one of dad’s sermons, you’ve probably heard these phrases before. They’re kind of like corner stones in his theology. Lol. Ah, I love my dad. Fo sho. Anyways, so we’ve never been into the whole anti film movement. We just enjoy the entertainment too darn much. But, I will admit there is some major trash out there. Eww.
All of this is really just an intro. What I was really wanting to write about was not my interest in movies, but my review on a certain movie. Funny, I just did that with Blades of Glory. But here I am again. Like I said before, it in my genes. I too have had divine revelation while watching Frodo and Sam climb Mount Doom.
I saw another movie. This one, actually, was amazing. Brilliant. I really liked it. But now, I’m embarrased to admit what it was. You’re going to think I’m a heathen, or a jerk, or something. But I have a confession for all of you. I watched Harry Potter. And, I liked it.
All these years since it came out I have taken the stand that that whole series is bad and refused (or was not allowed) to see it. Now that I’m an official a dult, I can judge things for myself. Which pretty cool. So, I’d been having this urge to see Harry Potter. Jessica loves it, and she was all for us setting up a movie date at her house. So, I did it. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong either, and furthermore, my parents didn’t care. (Yes, I still want to please mom and pop). I’ve watched three of the Harry Potter movies so far. And, compared to Blades of Glory especially, they rock. I love the British characters. Oh man, aren’t accents amazing? But, the plot is so intriguing. The character development plus the twists and turns in the story line kept it intense. And in my spirit, I honestly felt like it was ok.
I’m usually pretty sensitive to the Spirit. If I feel something is bad, I won’t do it. But I didn’t feel that with these movies. And I think I know why. Even though the scene was at a school of wizardry, w itch craft was not the focus. The plot included magic, but that was not the purpose. It even seemed like Hogwarts (the school) was more of an imaginary land, similar to something from Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. Some of you may be furious for that comparison. But I’m just relating my opinion.

I think my biggest concern about the series would be for those who aren’t familiar with the REALITY of w itch craft. It’s not just something imaginary, as they depicted it on Harry Potter. I wouldn’t want little kids to watch it and get the wrong idea, that craft is a good thing and that there can be good es. Any power that is not rooted in God is a dangerous one. Still, I found myself experiencing some pretty cool emotions through the films. Don’t call me blasphemous, but even some divine revelation. Interesting. Well. I ate the fish and spit out the bones. I don’t know if I would advise it to all. But, it wasn’t what I had first assumed. Whiich is a good example of how Christians should not talk about stuff they don’t know about. Ok. I’m done. Good night. Christen Ariel Pagett

My mom is giving a lesson to a new piano student upstairs. Man, this kid is pretty good. The music is making me all emotional. I miss playing the piano. I haven’t in such a long time. It’s so strange how you can forget emotions, forget passions, and then in one moment, something triggers it. Then, all of the sudden all the old memories come flooding back, almost as if no time had passed. It’s been awhile since I’ve really played, and I’ve kind of forgotten the feelings of excitement, deep excitement, from touching those keys.     It’s the same with other things besides piano. Like, awhile ago, when I didn’t really feel like I was connecting with any one. I didn’t really have best friends-I had forgotten how fun having relationships, talking, and laughing can be. Man, it feels so good to laugh again. To enjoy good relationships and discuss things.

Like the sun in Oregon. In the winter, I forget what it feels like. I forget the warmth and the smells of plants. The only things I see around me are gray.  There aren’t any smells. It’s almost as if the cold weather paralyzes everything. The flowers don’t give off any scent. People’s skin becomes dull and pale (ok, at least mine does). But then *hallelujah* then comes summer. Smells and feelings I hadn’t remembered come flooding back. And I think to myself, “Oh, yeah, I remember what it feels like to be this happy.” Haha. I think that’s what heaven is going to be like. All of the best emotions we’ve ever felt. Like, laughing so hard our stomach muscles cramp and we want to pee our pants. Or having a really cute guy/girl smile and show interest. Or eating watermelon at Little North Fork in a swimsuit. Just tastes of what is to come, my friends. Just tastes. So for all of you that feel like you’re life is paralyzed in a spiritual winter, take heart, my friends. It’s like Narnia…spring will come. Aww. Good stuff. Love you guys.

The day started out so lovely. Sundays are really nice. Especially for a relationship addict like me. I get to hang out with God and my favorite people. Aw. Fun stuff. Worship was awesome, I felt God so close, the sun was shining through the windows and one of my best friends, Jessica, came to church for the first time in a while. The day continued to be super. I held some really cute babies and laughed alot with friends. Then we went to Baha Fresh and ate Mexican. Sweeet.

But after lunch, things went downhill. Poopy. To put it mildly. My good friend Kristen turned 16, and so for her birthday some other s and I took her out to see a movie. There was a group of about nine. She was so cute and excited to see “Are We Done Yet,” which, I to say, but, I was not looking forward to. I thought it looked cheesy; I kind of suggested seeing Blades of Glory. You know, the John Heder Will Ferrel flick. Kristen is easy going either way, but I could tell she’d rather see the other one, so I completely backed off. However, we hung out at Baha Fresh too long and missed that showing. Secretly, I was happy, because the only other movie at that time was Blades of Glory. Of course I was disappointed for Kris, but my selfish side was kind of happy. Besides, she seemed ok with it.

It started off cute. I liked Napoleon Dynamite alot, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with more John (Jon?) Heder humor. I thought to myself, “I’m really going to enjoy this.” I knew it was about to male figure skaters that got banned from their division for having a brawl. Then, they decided to skate as a pair and compete again for the gold. Reconciliation. Ice Skating. Random guys. It was looking good. John Heder looked hilarious with his perfect dyed blond curls and sparkly pink lip gloss. Will Ferrel looked kind of pudgy and disgusting and hairy. I figured there would be a few ual innuendos, being that two males would be skating in a division that was originally for male/female couples. But, I honestly didn’t think it would be that bad. Not for a PG-13. It was awful. Raunchy. I feel gross and dirty, like I did something bad.

You might call me naive, sheltered or whatev, but eeeewwww. Why do people think talking about and suggestive moves and jokes are so funny? There were some funny lines in it. But the slime of the dirty parts just made the whole film poopy. I felt so awful for suggesting it. And for having my little sister there. What a jerk am I. But, I didn’t know. I wish we would have all walked out. But it’s too late now. And I still feel like I need a spiritual shower. You know, though, I’m glad I can still have a sensitive spirit on these issues. It’d be bad to get so numb, things that are wrong don’t bother you. De-sensitized.

So, I’m wondering, why do all these perfectly awesome plots have to have perfectly awful parts? Just like in life, why does this beautiful world have to have so much sad, evil stuff. It’s fallen; we’re fallen.

Warren Barfield sings this awesome song. It’s called “Beautiful Broken World.” You’ll have to hear it some time. But I believe so firmly in his lyrics. This world has so much beauty…I look at our Oregon, green, green, green, with pink and orange sunsets. It’s awesome. And the sweet beauty of friendship (awww). But, it’s so broken too. Things like nature get polluted and trashed. Things like relationships get screwed up with abuse and miscommunication…etc.

So, in a nutshell…don’t see Blades of Glory. I know some of you loved it. But, poo. Yuck. Alright. Peace out. Love you guys. ❤ christen ariel pagett

So I thought to myself….I like writing, and I like reading, and everyone has a blog, so I’m just going to do it. Are you proud? I’m surprised by how many people log into this internet world. It’s its own social scene, and shoot dang, I was missing out. Haha. I’m excited.

So, if you’re wondering about the title of my blog, “Sonshine in the Grey,” yes I know how to spell “Sunshine,” but you see, this is a clever way of referring to the light of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Get it? He is the Sonshine in the grey. Gosh, it is grey so often in Oregon, spiritually, and literally. I had this really vivid dream last night that my family moved to Colorado, where it’s sunny. I would miss everyone horribly. I love people in Oregon. But I have to admit, the sun would be…amazing.

Anyways, I don’t think I’ll write anything deeper than that today. This is my “hello, blogging world” post. I love you all. Leave me a comment, k? ❤ Christen Ariel Pagett